Today has been amazing, and really kicked off this summer right. The sun was out and it was warm for the first time in days, and I went adventuring with my boyfriend. What did our adventure consist of? Me, attempting to conquer my fear of heights by rock climbing. Boy, was that one hell of an experience.

Rock climbing requires full body strength–legs, arms, and core. It uses a physical and inner strength most people do not know they have until they try it. Heights being on of my two tangible fears, just looking at the wall was nerve-wracking. I almost didn’t even try. Before I knew it, the little old lady giving us the rock climbing tour was making me climb a wall. I nearly cried. When she left us to it, I actually cried.

But like I said before, rock climbing requires full body strength. So I used that. I shut down my thoughts, and soon, I was able to scale a couple of walls. The physical exhaustion matched my emotional exhaustion. I was half terrified most of the time, but like my aching muscles, I powered through. It was empowering to physically push past an emotional setback.

The rest of the afternoon was kicking back cold beer and smoking cigars while listening to Cuban music and dancing on the back porch. It was the perfect way to end the day. I am proud of my strength today, and hope that I continue to carry that strength with me every day.



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