Start the Day off Right

The sun has finally returned to New England, and with that my motivation is starting to move around and shake it up. After four months of hacking away at classes, surviving too many snow storms, working too much, and almost losing my mind, the end is here. Tomorrow is my last exam, and the last time I will ever be considered a second year student, and my last day before becoming a senior one year earlier than everyone else in my class.

I used to find some sort of nostalgia in these ‘lasts’. My last day living on campus, my last day I will ever look at accounting, my last day of writing reports on the things I enjoy. A lot of the people around me say that college is the best four years of my life–but I don’t see it that way. A family friend once told me: “Every decade is better than the last.”

If your college days really were your best days, then perhaps you aren’t living the life you want. Or perhaps all the struggle and angst and wandering around at night with too much liquor in your blood stream were worth something. But do you really want to be in college forever? This is what hits me: every last you will ever experience is the start of new experiences to come.

This is the rebuttal I have to every professor or administrative personnel or student who has ever told me not to rush my college years. Truth is, I don’t fit into the college culture. I don’t like sitting in classrooms. I like doing things more than anything in the world. I value the years I have now, but in ten years, I will be in an even better place than I could imagine.

Here’s to hope,



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