Craving: Balance.

Two nights ago I had a chance to be a part of a webinar hosted by Hannah Brencher! She’s the awesome lady who started the awesome organization moreloveletters (check it out!!). The webinar was on Balance and why it is important in our lives. If you ever have a chance to sit in on any talks by this lady, please do. There is so much passion, perseverance and love in her.

So here is a breakdown of what I got out of it:

  1. What does balance mean to you? (Ask yourself this question)
  2. What do you want out of life? Find a spot, lie down and imagine the life you really want.
  3. Just because you want something, does not mean you’re ready for it!
  4. “You’re at mile one! Lace up your shoes and charge for it!”
  5. What are your priorities? Take things/people off your plate.
  6. Where is your heart? What do you want to be invested in?
  7. Journal those little victories. They ADD up.
  8. Find role models, interview them. Not to publish it but to get insight on the kind of life they live.
  9. Find a hobby.
  10. Pull back and say NO.
  11. Set intentions and routine. It will ground you.
  12. Set boundaries.
  13. Most importantly, start building the life that you really want. The real world is now and every waking moment ever since you’ve been alive.

Try atleast one thing off this list. See how that makes you feel. Balance is important especially in a time when there are so many things out there to distract us. Balance is important.

Love and light,



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