The man who knew infinity


First of all, happy one year anniversary to the Miti and Marta blog! Thank you for staying with us for so long. It means a lot that to know that there is someone out there reading what we write, gratifying in ways that is unimaginable.

Today (technically, yesterday) was a good good day. As I am approaching my douchebag week – apparently everyone who finishes their work before finals week is a douchebag, this is the only kind of douchebag I want to be honestly – I decided to kick it off with a fun day in the city.

We managed to do a lot but there is one thing that stood out to me, the man who knew infinity. What a fantastic movie! Although, my friend and I critically analyzed it bit by bit after we were done watching it, I still feel like atleast Ramanujan’s story is out there for people to know.

The movie made me appreciate the genius humans are capable of. The passion, the magic in his ways and eyes was so infectious that I am so motivated to learn math all over again. The thing is, its important to chase that complete passion and craziness whatever you want to do in life. Its not enough to just ‘somewhat like’ what you choose to do.

So here’s my shout out to the universe, keep the light in me, keep increasing the intensity of the little light of passion in me, help me manifest everything I hope for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,



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