It is our blog’s anniversary today 🙂 To look at our first posts, Miti and I have seen how much we’ve grown, and how incredible one small project can grow to be.

This week was one of those weeks where after months of dedicating all of your energy outward, you finally crack and need to turn your energy inward. This week was one where I began to understand that while it is good to be generous in the time you give to others, it is just as rewarding as giving time to yourself. After so much time having been dedicated to the world outside of me, I have finally taken the weekend for myself.

Is this what being an adult is like? Hahaha.

And this means lots of doing Marta things. Cooking or writing or Internet-ing. All the things that make me who I am that were long forgotten in the mess that was school. All the things I set aside to give my time away to others. All the things that deserved more than a brief glance and a word of assurance saying I would get back to it later.

We need to be generous in everything that we do, but we must understand that that generosity must be spread between our inner and outer selves. I hope that makes sense.

Lead with kindness and spread the love,



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