New Projects

With the last week of classes nearly done, and finals around the corner, I have started planning my next projects. I am terrible at doing nothing, and so I like to do something. I like building projects that allow me to grow and learn in different ways. Last year, Miti and I started this blog as a joint project. Last semester, I did NaNoWriMo. This semester I have been more stagnant in the creative realm, but I did get to build up a writing portfolio by publishing on a vegan catalog.

Now that the summer is nearly here, I want to put time into the projects I have been neglecting. One mini-side project can be found on this blog:

Being in a business focused school, it can get hard to find a creative or inspiring outlet–but that won’t stop me. I want to create a project that moves people to reflect on their life, and perhaps move them to think more deeply about the present. I want people to feel like their life is alright, and honestly, when people talk about what they love or what they feel grateful for, I get inspired. So my project is to collect what people are grateful for.

Here’s to you finding your gratitude and inspiration,



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