LISTEN! I want you to listen closely to everything happening around you. What do you hear? What catches your attention?

I always wonder if I talk too much. After I say certain things I always wonder if the other person is annoyed or that I over stepped my boundaries. I know I am just paranoid and no one really thinks like that but the thought never leaves.

Yesterday, while I was parading around the city as usual – my in built microphone and speakers stopped working. I don’t normally talk on the phone a lot, I prefer texting, but knowing that it is not working made me feel mildly handicapped. I wasn’t worried, I was just inconvenienced. I had to talk to one of my best friends on the phone and I couldn’t delay that conversation, I had already put it off for too long. So our arrangement worked out in a way that she will talk and I will text her my responses when necessary. It honestly felt like I was listening to an audiobook. In a way, my ability to not communicate at my convenience made me think about what I was going to say next. It was wonderful!

I realized that ideally I would add so many unnecessary side notes and remarks that I would completely mishear what she says. The fact that communication was a bit hard made me listen carefully and address what had to be addressed. I LOVED IT!

Later that evening, I was in the subway station heading back home. Slightly sad, I am always sad when I am leaving the city even though I know I am going back. When I heard the dramatics, they are awesome!! They made my night. But this was also a fruit of listening, your brain knows what you need and it will always gravitate you to the places that bring you joy.

I hope you guys take time and listen this week. Just keep at it. It is a whole new world!

Love and light,



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