Reevaluating choices

Hello everyone,

I talk a lot about making choices and sticking with them. But what I forget to mention that sometimes opinions, thoughts and perception about certain things change. I have been dealing with a few things that don’t feel right in my life right now.

I finally got an answer today. It was a feeling and I thought over it. Although it is a very difficult thing to do – cutting someone out of my life, I have to make that choice. I know that ultimately it will help me move on. I love clarity!

Honestly, sometimes I don’t realize how toxic a person is for me. There are people who are genuinely nice but aren’t right for you. They do things and say things to you that you don’t necessary have to deal with. Friendship is not a contract that you have to abide by. You have to respect yourself first and if that person doesn’t add value to your life, its time you do what you gotta to protect yourself.

Thats its for now. I hope this week brings with itself lots of smiles and sunshine!

Love and light,



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