So much has happened today alone and my brain feels so fried and accomplished and tired and there is still so much more to do. But I am going to take a minute to recount the day’s events:

  1. Went to yoga class off-campus, and it was amazing. An entire hour of peace and balance is such a gift. I even spoke with the teacher and got some information on how and where to become a trained yogi.
  2. Had an interview for a fall internship, and it was awesome. It was less of an interview and more of a ‘your resume is amazing and you need to work with us’ kind of affair. The company is the Eben Group. Check them out! I am beyond excited to work with them.
  3. I just checked my email and found out that I was awarded a scholarship for my internship this summer! This lifts a financial burden, and makes my internship feel a little more valuable and worth my time. It will be a great learning experience, though not quite in the field I am moving toward. At least not in a direct way.

That’s the big stuff. All good things. Now to crank out all the homework I neglected over the weekend!



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