I have been so excited, because for five days straight (for the first time in months) I have seen sunny days! It’s amazing and magical and such a relief. If is a reminder that the future is always bright and that the summer is never too far away. Positive vibes, man.

The spring weather is also a time of reflection for me, especially with one year left of school, and feeling like I have to decide right this second what I want for the rest of my life. Do I want to live extravagantly, and travel on a whim all the time? Do I want to find a place to settle to get a career started? Do I want to face reality just yet?

Deep down, I have all the answers, and occasionally they come to me. But other times, my mind wanders and loses its focus and then I’m contemplating everything all over again. I guess that is all just part of the process. I’m just trying to learn to embrace it, or simply let it go and live in the moment. For now, I’ll focus on the sunshine.



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