Happy Spring, everyone!

Today, was the perfect New York spring day. Its amazing how the weather can affect peoples mood. I’m sure I’ve talked about it on here before but its one of those ‘ordinary affects’ exists in the world. I spent the whole day out of my room and in different places. After spending a good chunk of time in my friend’s apartment; I had no desire to go back to my sad old room. I really wanted to be around people. But I had to leave, I had things to do and then rest. As soon as I got to my room I felt a sense of calm that I did not realize I was craving. It was amazing.

I feed off others energies too much. I sense and see things that people often hesitate to talk about. I guess I got too caught up in all the internal battles that my friends were facing and started feeling what they were feeling.

But alls well that ends well!

I hope the sun keeps shining and makes everyone happy.

Love and light,



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