Go gentle into the night

I have always felt a little jealous of people who have this innate motherly quality in them. There is something so gentle and soft about them that it almost feels like they carry a home wherever they go. 

There is a part of me that really craves gentleness. I like people who are patient with me and are nice to me. It almost always catches me off gaurd when someone is gentle with me.

But recently, I have let people start taking care of me. It’s weird (in the best way) but I’m almost too proud of ask for help. However, I’ve found people who reach out anyway. Who make me tea when I’m sick or just be with me. Like family. 

Today, I went against my ethics and routine and decided to stay in bed instead of going to the gym. For the past week I noticed that going to the gym was only making me weaker due to the sickness. 

Here’s a reminder: be gentle to yourself. You deserve all the love, hugs and tea in world. You are absolutely worthy of the care that you crave. 

Love and light,



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