Getting it Together

Every now and then, we lose motivation. It happens. But when I lose it, I beat myself up over it. And that makes the loss of motivation worse than ever. I learned a while ago how important it is to accept and love yourself no matter what. No, that does not mean you get to be a bum and settle like a sack of potatoes. It simply means that you have to recognize your struggle as legitimate, accept it, and after all that (which, trust me, it can take forever sometimes), THEN you can move on your merry way. If you try to ignore it and barrel through it, it will sneak up on you and you will never actually move forward in your endeavors.

Tomorrow is a special day at school, and the kind of day I wish happened more often. We call it Research and Exhibition Day (or so I think), and classes are cancelled in order to host a series of panels and presentations. What makes it really cool is that it is made by the students and faculty for the students and faculty. It is a far cry from a day for professors to congregate and talk highly of their work–it is a collaboration of everyone on campus. I like that, creating a level field where everyone gets to explore what there is to see. I also think it is a far better way to learn as a student. But that is just me.

On Friday, I have a special surprise for the blog–my friend and I wrote and filmed a short, and it is literally so amazing and I’m super proud of it. The festival we are entering it into is on Friday, so let’s see if it’s a winner…



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