Lost Phones and TED Talks

This morning, I went to a TED conference. The whole theme of it was creativity and imagination, which are obviously the best things ever. I was just volunteering, and watched the speakers through the tiny window pane of the door that led inside the little theatre. One speaker in particular caught my attention, mostly because he spoke loud enough for me to hear through the door, and also because he was riding a bike on stage.

His whole spiel? Live life pursuing your passions. Live without limits. He’s broken 22 bones making a living as a stunt biker. He loves what he does so much that the fact that he has a hip replacement before 35 doesn’t bother him. That is how much he adores what he does. I was supremely impressed.

During the talk, he had two volunteers lie down on the stage, and without a ramp, he sped across the stage on his bike and hopped over them. I could feel my stomach drop–I hadn’t felt so drawn into the moment since my travels in South America. I was scared and exhilarated for the two volunteers on the ground. I miss that feeling, but now I know that I need more fun in my life.

Right now, I’m hunting for my boyfriend’s phone. We had an awesome night out wit a bunch of good friends, but amidst all the fun… his phone went MIA. Ay, caramba.



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