Feeling grateful

On Saturday, when I was in a restaurant with two of the closest people in my life, I finally felt at peace. One of them was Marta, who asked a question that needed to be answered. She said, “I feel like I’m going back to who I was back in high school instead of growing and putting that behind me?” 

For a minute, I didn’t know what to say. Honestly, that’s how I felt all weekend when I was in Bryant. I felt like the same frustrated, oppressed and non passionate Miti from one year ago. It felt as if going back had sucked all the energy out of me. I took some time and replied telling Marta that she’s obviously changed a lot since high school because right at this moment she is concious of her switch and she knows what’s happening to her. That means that she knows herself and that’s a sign of growing. I kinda gave this answer based on what I had read. It was a very polished and theoretical reply. But she got it because she is Marta! 

But what I forgot to mention is, when such things happen, it really helps you put things in persepctive. One year ago today, I was a completely different person. Being back in Bryant put me in a place where I was forced to evaluate my decision to transfer.

I always knew that Sarah Lawrwnce has made me a much happier person. But only when I went back to Bryant did I realise all the little ways in which I’ve changed.

For the good or the bad, I always appreciate being in Bryant because deep down I needed that safety net. But unlike all the other places and people I’ve met I have no nostalgia or regret for making the decision to move.

Learning to appreciate where I am right at this moment has been the best thing ever…

I sign off with gratitude and good vibes. 

Feels good to be back in SLC and kickstart the – post spring break school time, with a bang! 

Love and light, 



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