It’s Always Sunny

Today is the one day of the year I remember always being sunny–Easter Sunday. I might not be religious, but my family is, and I don’t remember an Easter without sun. It is perfect timing really, because after a week of literal and metaphorical cloudy weather, the sun has finally come out of hiding.

I’ve been in a dark funk this week, and it hasn’t been fun. Miti visited for the weekend (YASS AWESOME), and after all the back-to-school-stress, all of the cortisol that had been pumping through my body finally began to leak out of my system. There was so much of that stress hormone in me that it took from Friday afternoon to this morning to get all of the bad vibes out. I’m alive and loving it.

I guess when you end up in a dark place mentally, you have to remember to reach out to the little bits of light in your life–friends and family, significant others and loved ones, exercise, and some kind of hobby to get through the clog in your mind. Living in the present can be difficult for me, and so can facing reality. But honestly, life is really great right now, and I’m gonna stick to that feeling. There is no point in feeling any less than awesome.



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