Back at it in Smithfield

This weekend, it being the last weekend of my spring break, I decided to visit Bryant. The only thing I was thinking about while walking around the campus yesterday was how grateful I am that I left but also how this university set me up for all the awesome and exciting things I’m doing at Sarah Lawrence. 

It is very easy for me to have a scent of nostalgia for every place I have been to. But when I parted with Bryant there was only good feelings. I parted with love and the feeling stays the same. 

There are definitely some people here that I would desperately want in Sarah Lawrence with me. But such is life and even after one year I’m as close as I could be with everyone I love. 

What I’m trying to get at by saying so much is that follow your heart. It knows what it wants. All my life I did everything I was told to, even when I knew I would probably hate it. But respect yourself and your feelings. Grow out of your insecurities and comfort, trust me, the life on the other side is super.


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