Hello all,

It has been a sunny day here in the northeast corner of my world, so I decided to go to the library! What did I pick up? I Am Malala, the awesome book by the girl who essentially jump-started gender equality in education in the 21st century. I’m really liking it so far; it is bringing me back to the things I am most passionate about–ending global poverty and making education available to all.

I really want to start making these things that I care about more central in my life. Yes, half my classes are sociology, but there is nothing like striking out on your own to learn and grow. Maybe I’ll read a new book every week, or start writing more about that stuff. But, hey, we can do anything on this planet, so we shall see where my personal course takes me.

Also, I ordered a ukelele last night from Amazon. It’ll be here tomorrow or Friday! I am so beyond excited, and I am pretty sure that ukelele is my spirit instrument.

Don’t forget to be awesome,



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