Hello loves,

Last week while I was away building houses, I got to interact and get to know a group of people that were very diverse. When you live with someone for a while you start to really get to know them. In this process, I discovered parts about the people in the trip that I would otherwise never know. Not everyone is perfect and everyone is perfect. But what was funny was the parts that pissed me off about other people were parts of me in the past or present that have irritated me. It was amazing and reflective. To see parts of me in so many way. I caught onto that really early in the trip, the reflection of me. But I struggled with it. I was oddly aggressive and pissed off in the way I thought and sometimes behaved. It was good that we were working on building a house so all  my aggression was diverted to doing manual labor.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that once in a while you should look around. The universe/god/higher power, whatever you call it, is always giving you signs. You get back what you give, so its important to always be mindful about what you think (about yourself and everything and everyone around you). Thoughts become things.

Love and light,



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