Back in Black

Today is Monday, and you know what that means… Lots of tea and taking notes! That’s right, folks, I am back in school and ready to blow the rest of this semester out of the water.

I spent spring break adventuring, being a bum, being an artist, and getting off the grid whenever I could. It was a good time to getaway from the madness that is campus and academics, and for a week spend time on putting back together the mental mess school had made of me. It is with glorious sunny weather and good friends at my side that I move forward into a more positive mindset.


1) Study for an A, but get at least a B on my accounting exam this week.

2) Study French, and be fairly proficient conversationally by summer’s end.

3) Start journaling again! It does wonders for the mind.

4) Be awesome in all of my internship interviews.

5) Keep an open mind to what every day has to offer.

…and also, get a ukulele. I think that would be so much fun.

Rock hard, friends.



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