Thoughts from Mechanicsville



There are some things that you know but don’t really think about until a moment occurs. This moment happened to me today.

While eating dinner tonight, all of us indulged in a very intense discussion about race and racism. It was interesting to listen to what everyone had to say and realize what an awesome group of people I get to share this experience with. Things came up and stuff was said that I otherwise would not know about them. 

The two days that I’ve spent working on the habitat house and with this group of people have been fantastic. I cannot imagine spending my spring break in any other way! 


CHOICES. My dear friends, you HAVE to realise that you ALWAYS have a choice. Even if you situation is a dead end, you absolutely have a choice to get yourself out of there. The only time in our lives when you don’t have a choice is when you are born and the day you die. 

Please remember that you always make a choice. No matter what. It’s important that you realise that and honor what you choose. If you don’t like the place you’re in, get out. ITS THAT EASY. I’m so sick of people assuming that they can’t get out of situations or over-complicating things that do not need to be stretched.

Keep it simple, dude! 

Love and light,



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