Time for home.

The week is almost up, and my mind is already slipping into vacation mode. Tomorrow, I get to go home and see the fam and celebrate my little sister’s birthday and relax and eat and cook and… Can you tell I am ready for a little bliss?

I’m not gonna lie, today has been a really good Thursday. I went to class, wrote a paper, went to work, and then out to a diner with my RA staff. It has been such a well-balanced day that I can hardly believe it. I’m surrounded by good vibes, or maybe those are the midterms-are-f’n-over-thank-God vibes. Today has been solid, and having experienced it, I think I know how to structure my days a little better for the future.

Earlier, Miti and I were talking about growing up, and she mentioned that growing up is becoming more yourself. She’s right; every year, I feel a little more like Marta. There’s less angst and confusion, more contentment and focus. It gives me hope for the years to come.

To a good weekend,



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