Spring Break Excitement

Hello, Internet!

It is an anticipation-riddled week, as I only have three more days of classes, and then…ADVENTURE TIME! Can you tell that I am excited?

Shaun (the bae) and I finally settled on our upcoming adventures. At first, it was going to be a trip to the Carolinas, then it was D.C., and now, it is New Hampshire and NYC. We really like to wing it when it comes to travel. I love that I can live that way with someone so important to me.

Even more exciting… I turn 20 next week! Two decades under my belt sounds like so much, but I guess as each decade goes by, they aren’t too big of a deal. But 20 is, like, awesome. It clearly surpasses any and all other decade birthdays. I’m totally not biased.

I’m excited to get a break from routine, get really engaged by the world around me, and truly be able to live in the moment.



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