I have a problem…

…and that problem is not taking pictures. Especially when it came to the Avenger’s printed waffles I made this morning with my boyfriend. Oops.

This weekend has been a breath of fresh air–literally. I was on campus for a total of four hours this entire weekend, and spent the rest of my time doing homework, playing video games, and even being a bum at my boyfriend’s house. It was serene; Friday, after I checked off the last item I had to attend to on my calendar, I cruised down the highway without a worry in mind. When I parked, when I walked through the front door, when I was playing Dungeons and Dragons with my boyfriend, his brother, and some friends, all of it–I felt a subtle shift take place in my mind. I was at ease.

This morning was the best way to tie it all together, and I really do wish I had captured the morning light falling onto the dining room table. It reflected my mindset so well; it felt as though, after two days away from relative madness, I had a moment for my soul to just breathe. I was with my favorite person in the whole world, enjoying a bright Sunday morning. There was not a drop of stress in my body, and being back in school now does not feel so bad.

I’ll try to capture these moments on camera, though I am notoriously bad at using technology when I am living in the moment.


P.S. I went for a run as the sun was setting! Might be a new hobby. I feel good.


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