A guide for an awesome day – NYC Edition

Hello guys,

Quick shameless self promotion – follow @typewrittennotes on instagram. Thanks.


If you ever have a free day in the city, here is what you should do:

  • If you’re fan of Indian food – go eat at Pongal (http://www.pongalnyc.com). Order Dosa or Idli-Vada combo and definitely try their filter coffee (South Indian coffee)
  • Buffalo Exchange – for second hand good. Its awesome and organized.
  • Chelsea Market – ANTIQUE BARGAIN!
  • MUD Spot – super chill place where you may come across people semi aggressively shit talk Hillary Clinton (jk it probably was a one time thing)
  • Here is the deal though – YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE YOU WALK EVERYWHERE.

The walk made the day much more awesome-er. Saw some amazing sights and met some really cool people.

I hope your Saturday was as exciting as mine.

Love and Light,



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