Happy Thursday!

Hello guys,

We have some logistics to go over first:

  1. We will be posting everyday
  2. If you have a certain type of posts that you want to see, let us know! Comment or message (is there a message option on wordpress?)

Moving on…

I got a giant packet of food from home. I don’t think I can ever express how grateful I am for my family. I think families are like fine wine, you learn to appreciate them once you’re old enough or distance yourself.

Lately, I have been into poetry, more like, millennial poetry/prose and I am so inspired! If you haven’t read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur please do. Especially if you are a woman and even more so if you’re a woman of color. Her poetry comes from her soul. I tried writing some, it felt great.

Since, this sudden self discovery about my love for poem my writing professor lend me a book called “Letters to a Young Poet” (translated by Stephen Mitchell). Its a super short but an amazing book. It taught me one thing that I’ve been struggling with for a while. Solitude. Not that I shut myself off to the world and am caged away from the world because that is far from the truth. But more like using my moments of solitude and not becoming a victim of loneliness. I am an expert in solitude, I value my me time but then my mind starts wandering off to imaginary scenarios where I have a  significant other and that whole thing just brings me down like no other.

I am going to think a little more about solitude and try and break it down for you, soon.

I wanted to share a short excerpt of an email I sent to my friend on her 21st birthday:

You are stronger than you think, Sonali. Don’t let that stop you from doing things. Go out and meet people. Show up when they need you and love the way you do. Because one day you will be surrounded by people you who love and appreciate you as much in return.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Love and light,



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