#Overexcitement #Overwhelming

The last few weeks have been a little… hectic. Now I know why my parents say that the young life is a roller coaster ride, and it feels way crazier when you’re young because every drop and turn is a new experience. This is both gross and beautiful. Life has so many experiences to offer, but can make the worst day of your life become the best day of your life, and vice versa. It happens all the damn time.

Good vibes this week:

I now have a writer’s bio on a website, which is super exciting. I’m not gonna share quite yet, but once I feel like I can unleash that work to the world, I’ll be sure to do so.

I got to spend an amazing weekend with my friend who visited me all the way from her home in LA. We had a super chill night, followed by one crazy awesome night at a trippy wedding reception.

I finally replaced my phone (only con: good-bye tax return).

Bad vibes this week:

After a wonderful weekend, I ended up in the middle of a not so great situation that I had no part in, but still had to be the one held responsible. #BeingAGrownup.

Not going to the gym (this must be the cause of all bad vibes ever)

Learning that making friends in college is way harder than I thought.

So, basically, right now is as good a time as ever to shed some old skin and grow something new. It feels like I keep getting pushed back down a well; there are so many things I am obligated to do, but I don’t have enough time. Solution? Cut. It. Out. If it is not serving me academically or personally or financially, STOP IT, GOSH DARN IT. Focus on the good vibes, because those are generally a damn good guide for what works and what does not. I need to shift my mentality, too. It has become too cocky and too negative, and these things hold me back from a sense of personal contentment.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let go of the past, and keep your eyes on the brightening future.



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