A little bit of sunshine

Today would be the perfect day for it to rain because that’s just how I am feeling. I wouldn’t call it Monday Blues but something like that. I woke up feeling like something was off. It is always annoying when you don’t know whats bugging you. But maybe you’re just too scared to admit whats wrong. It may seem petty or embarrassing.

I’ve wasted far too much time seeding and dwelling on this feeling of “something wrong”. You know how exhausting it is to be sad and alone all the time? Cause I do, and it sucks! I did everything I could to distract me from this funk this morning – exercise, music, a little bit of crazy dancing, talking to my sister and eating. Until, I decided to leave my room, go to my quiet place, listen to good music and just be. I’m not saying I’ve completely recovered from the “off” but I’m getting there little by little. My brain doesn’t feel so numb anymore and did a few work-related things here and there.

I guess what I’m trying to say that its all about the decisions you make. You have to take charge and get yourself out of this funk. Text your friend about how you’re feeling low so that they check up on you – no you’re not annoying them, you have to understand that you’re friends. Call your parents, take a walk, get out of the place thats making you feel this way. Its easy and it doesn’t have to be a struggle. You’re not alone, ever.

I hope you all are beating the monday blues and killing it in life,



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