The Fave Band

During my senior year of high school, amidst all of my college applications, I became deeply invested in the music of one particular band: Hey Marseilles. My dream school at the time (and still a little bit today) was Seattle University, so obviously I Googled every single cultural and lifestyle aspect the area had to offer. I searched for coffee spots, typical cuisines, and whatever largest immigrant Seattle was home to. I loved the city for many reasons, but what really spoke to me was underground music scene. So obviously, I dove deep into the indie music realm.

I’ve had more time this semester to reflect, and I think that happens a lot after big life experiences. After my two weeks in South America, coming back down from that high, back to real life, was hard. It has always forced me to reflect, especially because my mind isn’t being constantly occupied by adrenaline-high events or glorious new views and tastes and sounds. And Hey Marseilles happened to drop a new album since I’ve returned from my trip.

Their sound has developed extensively since their first albums; it is more defined and mature. But this isn’t a music review: it is the representation of a dream. My dream, from my senior year of high school. Yes, they have amazing talent and create incredible music, but what really keeps me listening to them is that they represent my dream. Long before I was applying to colleges, I wanted to find myself on the west coast; it is almost an ideal in my head. I have been there a couple of times, and every time, it feels like I should stay. Hey Marseilles gives me a tasted of it through their melodies, getting my head out of dark places and into aspirations and dreams. They are both an escape and a goal.



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