Challenge Day – 21

Today was the last day of my 21 day challenge. The challenge to myself was to go to the gym everyday AND I DID IT! And here is how I feel about it:

This was written two nights ago, I was very sleepy and tired. It looked great just the way I wrote it so I didn’t really change anything.

A few months ago, I joined a yoga class. in which there are trained masters who help others reach their potential. i was so inspired and mesmerized by them. they had dedicated their entire lives into doing this work. i decided then that i wanted to be a master. so i went to her, the master, and asked her how long does it take for a person to become a master? she looked at me like a parent looks at their child when they say that they want to be astronauts or superheroes when they grow up. you know what look i’m talking about. we’ll all gotten it atleast once in our lifetime. she said to me “honey, it will be a long time before you can become a master. you have so much training to do.” and my first thought was – fuck that shit. how long do i sit on a mountaintop before realizing who i am and what my purpose it? i have so much to do, i have to change the world and i cant do that while i’m meditating on some rock pretending to be a monk. i didnt question it though, i listened to them but with a grain of salt. they probably know what they’re talking about albeit not entirely convincing but acceptable nonetheless.

A few weeks ago i saw kung fu panda 3. i always believed (and everyone around me) that the main character of that movie, Po, was literally me. there is something about that character that reminds me so much of me. he is fat panda, who is also an accidental dragon warrior and eventually the master of chi. kinda amazing if you think about it. he goes from someone who loves and admires the famous four to becoming one of them and getting over all of his inhibitions and proving everyone (most importantly himself) wrong. the third installation of the movie changed my life. the climax is very intense, Po’s family need to conjure up their chi in order to save him. but none of them are trained and they don’t even know what chi is. but guess what they end up doing!! they master chi, something that was supposed to come with ‘training and practice and time’ but everyone in the panda family managed to conjure it within minutes. now thats what i call being a master.

the thing is. we’re all masters in our own right. we are born with that knowledge and power but overtime we’re brainwashed into thinking that we’re only good for the life that has been created around us. do you feel stuck? suffocated? depressed? anxious? all this is probably because you are not living the life you actually want to live. i would say start by doing something you love, like. It can change everyday or every week. EVERYDAY SHOULD BE A TREAT YO SELF DAY. the more you start respecting what you feel and how you feel things will start shifting for you. and commitment dude. its a big thing. we sorta run away from that word now a days, esp in context of marriage. it sucks but its the truth. you can obviously change it but think about it: if you’re not committed to changing or doing things for yourself how are you going to do it for others? Find what you’re good at and start doing it. Or watch kung fu panda series and see what po teaches you. start conversations. get out of that bedroom, its toxic. if you can’t get out of bed today, snuggle with your fav book transport to a diff world. but do something that bring you complete satisfaction and happiness even it is for that one moment. and then repeat that, every single day. thats it. do this and you’re the master. you’ve literally taken control of your life instead of letting emotions and feelings decide them for you.

Love and light to all of you,



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