Week One: Survived

The first week of any semester is rough. You go from days lounging in the sun and skiing down mountains, to days spent sitting and absorbing floods of new information. It’s a stressful transition. For me, I went from doing my favorite thing in the world–traveling–to doing my least favorite thing in the world… Sitting.

I am a terrible sitter. In class, we have these fancy wheel-equipped chairs. You know how I sit? I go criss-cross apple sauce style. I whip out my writing journal or this blog or letters to a pen pal. Sometimes I take notes on the lecture. I ask questions as needed, but really just do my own thing.

And somehow, that works. I’m not complaining.

I’m the kind of person who needs to be constantly engaged, or at least constantly forced to live in the moment. It’s hard to do that with school; possible, but very hard. But I’m finding balance. I’m just glad to have survived week one.



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