Lets change the world

Hello guys,

This past week has been amazing and the for the first time in while I know its going to continue being amazing. And that is because I’ve found something that I really love but had blocked out of my life for various reasons. It is exercising and the funny thing is that ever since I’ve been exercising I keep thinking about how I’ve gone so long and so far in order to avoid it. Because honestly it makes me feel so fucking awesome. Anyway, I guess everything happens on its own will and time. But fuck all of this. The thing I want to talk about it is our World. I read last night that the African Rhino’s are officially extinct! Can you believe it? We let this happen in our world.

I think its time to change the world. And no I don’t mean that we all shun our lifestyles and plant trees and live in the woods but I mean that we atleast start being human to each other again. Do something, no matter how small, that makes you really happy. Share that happiness, help someone find their happy place. Our world is obsessed to get some positive vibes and if you have the power to do so, DO IT!





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