Hello to the lovely people of the internet

Hello guys,

I am back in NYC and back in school. It feels weird to be back. I think its about leaving the warmth of home and family and coming back to a dorm room. I’ve been dreading to come back, there was just something about coming back to an empty room that just sounded so depressing and the dreary winter outside doesn’t help much either. But then in a week I am going to start being busy as hell and everything will be all right in my world. However, getting through this week is sounds horrible – I know I will get through but I don’t want to. On the other hand, I am really excited for this semester! There is so much I want to achieve. I don’t think there ever has been a drive in me as much as right now and luckily I am smart enough to realize that.

This semester is all about fighting my demons and being discipline. My demon is my brain that needs to be disciplined. And guess what!? I’ve decided to kick ass.

Hope you’ll have a great week 🙂




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