I don’t have a sense of time

Hello guys,

One thing that happens during the holidays is that I completely loose my bearing of the time and the day. Honestly, I love it. It means that I’m actually doing something instead of wasting away my time doing nothing. 

My family finally left for India 3 days ago but currently I’m in Chicago with my uncle’s family so I still feel at home and don’t really miss my fam much. The time with them was amazing, we travelled so much! It was a long adventure. 

As for the New Year and New Year goals go, I have a few. These are things I thought of at the moment and I’m sure they are bound to change once I reflect more. 

  1. I want to loose weight. Maybe because I need a better body image in my head and this may be the first step towards that. I may go as far as saying that I may cut sugar off my diet. 
  2. Secure an internship and a possible job after graduation
  3. Move into an apartment 
  4. Travel to Virginia, California, Europe (Greece, Germany and Italy) 
  5. Be open to a relationship (?) 

I think these goals are do-able and not overwhelming. I can see myself checking off this list. That is something that matters, that your goals are realistic. It feels amazing that you could possibly be able to do all that you decided to do. Try it! Be honest with yourself and then make a list. Start small, over the course of the year you can add more stuff to it. 


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