Jamming to the Beatles

I love making lists. A few days ago, I made a list planning a book/refugee project I am doing in the spring. Today, I made one giant list, which led to packing lists (#southamerica #yasss), and to-do lists, and lists of how many airplanes I’ve hopped on in the last two years. It was invigorating, and I feel so much more motivated and ready to do anything!

Soon, it’s going to be 2016, and I’ll still be writing 2015 on all of my assignments. I’m deep cleaning my room at home and clearing out my mind. The last week has been full of tiny series’ of stresses, adjusting to being home, being faced with ample amounts of free time, and rebuilding my mindset. Semesters at school, and probably months at a real job, wear out your mind, and when there is a break in the flow of constantly moving from one task to another, it hits you hard. It doesn’t ever feel quite right. You finally get a chance to think of all those doubts and fears and anxieties that have built up without a single distraction in sight–and that is terrifying.

Once this mental overhaul is through, and you have found that you don’t need a million things on your plate to make you happy, you find a sense of peace. It is scary to have nothing to do; we are so used to having to be somewhere, every second of every day. When we get free time, we try to fill it up with anything we can find. This is what I did all week–I was scrambling to fill my time until, at last, I stopped, I sat down, and I breathed. I remembered that there is this phenomenal thing called the present, and it is something I don’t get to fully experience when I am bogged down at school. I moved my thoughts from ‘what ifs’ of the future to the now. I feel so much better, and my anxieties have vanished.

Take some time, not just today ’cause of the New Year, but every day to sit in the present and simply take it in. It is not the same as a true vacation, but it can certainly feel like it when your list for the day is looking way too long.

Happy New Year, and happy blogging.



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