Buh-Bye School

After a refresher of a mini-break, we have school in full swing for two more weeks. Then, finally, after all the work and the lost sleep and goofing off, it’ll be over.

Among the most important things I have learned by practicing yoga for the last few years is accepting and letting go. You get through a semester, take a deep breath, and move on to the next set of classes. No lingering on the past, and no looking back for excessive periods of time. And I like this way of living.

I’m excited for this semester to be over. I’ll get to have a month without assignments floating around my head 24/7. I’ll get to travel to Argentina and Chile with my school. I’ll get to roll back to school to open the halls for all residents, and start another semester. What’s more, it is such a hopeful outlook. I never used to think this way.

I suppose, as you grow up, you learn a thing or two about yourself, and the world. I appreciate what I’ve learned thus far



3 thoughts on “Buh-Bye School

  1. That sounds like a great trip! What cities will you be visiting? I’ve been to Buenas Aires, Santiago, and Valparaiso. I want to go back for Mendoza and Easter Island.


      1. Excellent! I would also recommend visiting some vineyards in Chile. The Colchauga Valley is not too far from Santiago or there are some on the drive between Santiago and Valp/Vina del Mar. Also, you can find some ideas for Buenos Aires on my blog. Have a great time!


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