Getaway in Maine

Every year, my family figures out something different to do during Thanksgiving. We don’t have any family less than a seven hour plane ride away, so we usually find our own fun. A few years ago, it was a cabin near Montreal, last year was local with family friends, and this year, we trekked to Maine.

We are staying in a nice house on the river near the town of Damariscotta (AirBnB for the win!). It is quaint and quiet and spacious and refreshing. Also, my body hasn’t been used to full meals since being at a school with limited vegan options, so my body was in minor shock at having a full stomach–which is awesome.

Today we explored Damariscotta, went lighthouse hunting, and hiking. It has been very cold; but anywhere I look, I see natural beauty. By the time we returned to the house, the sun was setting on the river. It was a good time to siesta and drink tea and breathe.



I might not be a fan of any weather colder than 45℉, but I am ecstatic to be adventuring with my family.

Happy break,



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