November Skies


Its a chilly Sunday evening and as I am typing this I realize that keeping my window open was not a good idea.

Anyway, I had a very amazing yet unusual weekend! It included a car accident, meeting Brandon from Humans of New York (!), watching an Indian stand up comedian with 300 other Indians in NYC, traveling back to college (alone) at 2am, spontaneous trip to a park in NJ, garage sales, Hibachi, long drives and reading three books.

Whats funny is that I am traveling to Boston tomorrow. And that it is going to be a whole week of adventures. Do you know how amazing it is to realize that you’re going to continue your weekend adventures into the week???

Here are some snapshots of my weekend. Obviously, they’re pictures of places and not people. <<<<<<<Nature





I hope you have a good week, my loves.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you all




2 thoughts on “November Skies

  1. Hello Miti,
    My name is Christine Clarke. I am a teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Rhode Island. Did you notice that the first sky photo has a CROSS made by the airplane smoke? Loved reading your blog!! Stay safe and Happy Holidays!!!

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