Also, I really like this new setup that WordPress has for writing blog posts (if you are a WordPress blogger, you’ll know what I mean).

Now to today’s post: listing all the stuff. Every now and then, we all get overwhelmed. I definitely do, perhaps more than most. I begin thinking of everything I have a commitment to or responsibility to accomplish and my mind backfires, whirling into a deep anxiousness. It is during these evenings of torn out hair and muffled crying into my pillow that I stop, breathe, and let everything go. Then, I begin to reapproach the mess of my mind, and rearrange.

Instead of viewing what I have yet to do, I like making lists of what I have already done–a reminder that, maybe, I’m doing alright. So, here we go. A list of my stresses turned accomplishments:

1. NaNoWriMo

I have been writing my novel nearly everyday since the beginning of November. Last time I checked in on here, I had 46,156 words to go. Today, I have only 30,491 words to go. I had no idea I was capable of that, especially while being a full time student and working three jobs. Rearranging your priorities can go a long way. I might not make it to 50,000 words this month, or maybe I will. Who knows? But to have come as far as I have, that is something to take a little pride in.

2. Working-working-working

I have three jobs now. One is being a resident assistant, which is a top priority. I have a great staff and an amazing job. I love it even on the tough nights. I work in my school’s bookstore–again, the people are work with are great, and I love being there. I just started working in the U.S.-China Institute at my school as a general intern. I mess with Photoshop, do homework, and practice my Mandarin all day. It is a very disorganized atmosphere, but it was all on me to get this job, and finally, after eight months, I was successful.

3. School.

I really do enjoy my classes–but I am terrible at routine and being stuck in one long-winded feat. I suppose this stems back to my ballet days; I can do high energy, sprint-like activities like there’s no tomorrow, but ask me to run for thirty minutes straight? Hell to the nah. That’s what one class over the course of fifteen weeks is like–running for thirty minutes. I love project work, cause it takes up your mind for maybe three months max. One long class, multiplied by 5? The mind is overstretched some nights. I feel like I have a million things to do, but in reality, it is an average workload. It has just been consistent, and will be consistent, all semester. There is always something more to tack onto the mind’s list. Perhaps this is why I write.

I think I feel better now.

Iyi geceler! (I told you guys I was studying Turkish. Its awesome!)



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