I have been up in my head all day. In the best way possible. So, for a minute, I forgot that today was Sunday. It took a long thought and looking at my phone to finally come to a conclusion that today was indeed Sunday and that I have to blog.

Honestly, I love blogging. Its become a part of my routine and it helps me regroup. Ok well. Moving on.

This past week was Diwali. So first, Happy Diwali everybody! Diwali is known as the festival of lights, its the celebration of good over evil, lightness over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Back home, its a ritual to clean the house before the festival begins and then decorate it with lights and diya’s. On the threshold of our houses we do beautiful Rangoli’s – we did one in the spiritual space here at Sarah Lawrence!


Its not the most artistic but it took time and effort and I am proud (slightly embarassed). Anyway, apart from decorating our house we wear traditional Indian clothes and offer our thanks to God; we call it Pooja.


Another exciting part of the festival is fireworks! But I have a hate hate relationship with them. I appreciate what the fireworks signify but they do more harm than good. However, there is a way to have as much fun but succumb the damage! SPARKLERS! We got the permission to do that here in the college and it was so much fun!! Sparklers literally define happiness.


Apart from this, we had a big diwali celebration on Friday and for that we performed on Bollywood songs. It was an exciting and very Indian week – with dance practices every evening and celebrations. As, I reflect back to the week I am slightly sad that its over. Its how you feel when christmas is over. But there are so many exciting things planned in the weeks/months ahead and I cannot wait!!!

Stay fabulous everyone! And keep spreading light

Happy Diwali




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