I spent most of the last week worrying, stressing, crying and having several breakdowns. It was a mess. It was weird though, because for the first time in months I got to detach from everything/everyone. I was all up in the head the whole of last week and it was nice. I was finally able to rest (a little), take it slow and enjoy time by myself.

I am always thinking about “What next?” I never stop and enjoy the moment. And getting sick last week, almost destroying my new laptop and having several meetings cancelled was my chance and reminder to chill out. It sucks that all of those things had to happen last week in order for me to understand that I need to take it easy. But I guess better late than never.

On a brighter note, thanksgiving is in two weeks (yay) and my family is coming to visit me in exactly a month!!!!!!!

All my excitement and love,



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