‘Tis the season

Hey hey hey,

How are you? I hope you had a fun, safe and a relaxing weekend.

I just want to talk about random things in my life, all the good things. I have been surprising myself with all these things I have been doing, for one, I have been far more bold then I ever have. Like, I am actually taking risks! Its so unlike me that its thrilling. Also, I have been relaxing, not just stay in bed and sleep kind but other ways like I took myself out on a date for Chinese food. It was amazing, I have nothing against eating alone but I am a creature of habit and sometimes it gets really hard to get out of campus. Also, someone randomly offered me an internship at the YMCA!? It was at the Yoga class on Friday, one of members came up to me asked me if I would be interested in interning for her. I said HELL YEAH! Life is surprising me, I still can’t believe everything thats happening, but maybe what I need to focus on now is to trust. Trust myself and trust that life can keep surprising me and it doesn’t have to be every once in a while. Because I deserve it. I finally realize that I do.




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