Take a Deep Breath

I’ve been experiencing a lot of pressure to be the biggest fish in every pond–to be the very best in everything I do. Holding a leadership position on campus, two part time jobs, and somehow knowing at least half of my school’s population, I feel pressure on maybe one too many facets. It can make me feel alone; I get crushed under the expectations coming at me from many angles.

But here’s the thing: every single one of my friends feels the same way. George Watsky said it perfectly:

And no matter where you come from in this great space
Every single person is escaping from the same place
So if you got a flame that’s blazing hot within
Take a deep breath and feed it oxygen

-Watsky, Never Let It Die

College brings together students from all walks of life. I’ve made friends from Guatemala, China, and of course, India (#Miti). I’ve made friends with a lot of locals, too. Sometimes, even among my own demographic, I feel very out of place. I often forget that we are all young adults who are thinkers, party-ers, study-ers, and adventurers. We face a lot of the same challenges. Why not face them together?

Keep breathing, keep pursuing that blazing flame within, and stay awesome.



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