Cheers to the Weekend

Last week was stressful. Our college doesn’t really have midterm week but it sure felt like it. I had a lot of work that got carried forward from the weekend of fun (aka Miti and Marta Misadventures in NYC). Anyway, after overwhelming myself throughout the week which included breakdowns and a lot of stress. I got my shit together on Friday. YAY!

On Saturday, I went to my friends house. It felt like going back home. It was a good feeling. First of all, I got homemade food after two months. TWO MONTHS!? I’ve been in SLC for that long now! Her family consists of 15 people living under the same roof. I know! I cannot imagine having a family that big.  I don’t think there is one minute that goes by in the house without chaos, confusion and entertainment. At night, we went for GARBA! Garba is a folk dance festival that originated from the state of Gujarat. Its supposed to be nine days but here in the States Indians celebrate it over the weekends due to their busy schedules. Back home, its a tradition for me to go all nine days of the festival. So you can imagine my excitement when I got to go for it this weekend. It was a blast. A dose of home that I was craving as well. We got back home at 1 am. And then on Sunday, after a delicious Indian breakfast we left to go back to college.

And then on Sunday evening, I started working on a new project (motivational magazine/publication) that I am very excited about. The people I am doing it with are some of my close friends here and are so talented.

So, this is me, glad that hell week ended with the best weekend I could possibly have.




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