Miti and Marta Misadventures

This past weekend was the amazing, excitement-inducing, awesome-filled weekend of Miti and Marta! After six months of Skype calls and WhatsApp messaging, we were finally reunited in New York. But, when people like us are within ten feet of each other, weird things happen.

Firstly: don’t let Miti open a bottle of wine. Ever. We learned the hard way when we found ourselves without a corkscrew, but had a pair of scissors to spare.


Miti ended up with a cut finger, and for the next two days, every single bandage we put on it fell off. But we did eventually find a corkscrew, and we enjoyed some good birthday wine. Then, while I was sleeping, I woke up to a painting falling on my face.

Secondly: Marta is great at directions. Except for that one time in Manhattan that we walked in the wrong direction for a mile (I swear it was only a mile, don’t listen to what Miti says). The mile count for the day ended up being 12 miles. Woo!

Needless to say, we enjoyed the extraordinary amount of miles by visiting The Strand Bookstore (18 MILES OF BOOOOOOOOKS!) and 192 Books. We walked the Highline and watched the sun set over the New Jersey skyline across the water. We even got to enjoy some Spanish tapas in a small and cozy bar. It was a good, long day.

Thirdly: we will never be hipsters in Williamsburg. I spent $8 on a quarter of a grilled cheese. Never again. We did get to enjoy the Brooklyn Art Library and read the work of artists from Australia to Wisconsin. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend, and to relax before a new week of classes.

Some of my closest friends are the ones who live the furthest away, but it makes traveling to see them all the better.

Travel much, and love one another,



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