Finally, after weeks of running around and being driven to multiple mini mental breakdowns, I have cracked a plan.

While I am really good at doing a lot of things, doing a lot of things does not make me very happy. I feel rushed and a little empty and like there’s a little void that has yet to be filled. It’s a gross feeling.

I don’t mind it for a few days. But there comes a point where you realize that perhaps a bit of daily happiness could do you some good. So, I, Marta of the Internet, have decided to cut back on my commitments.

*loads of relief*

I’ve set aside time for homework only, or time to eat, or time to spend with friends or just me. Yeah, I’ve had to say no to some really fun things. It can suck. But when you find yourself able to enjoy this ride called life, giving yourself a break is so worth it. Everyone can do something, but not everyone can do everything.

Stick to your passions, and enjoy the sunshine.



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