A close call 

Today was a close call. I was with a group of people outside on the lawn. Right near one of the gates of the university. It was dark out when a group of rowdy boys started honking and saying offensive things to us. At first we ignored it. They were outside we were inside nothing to worry about. 

But then we saw this guy running, in complete panic, towards us. The car had followed him inside the campus. We were all alert now. This was harrasment. 

More than anything it was the pure look of terror on this guys face. “I was the just sitting and they started calling out at me. They followed me inside the campus. Please let me into one of the buildings.” He was shaking. We were terrified. The car full of rowdy boys steered right of the campus as soon as they realized that we’d called the police. We got their license plate luckily. 

The thing about this whole situation was it was such a close call. We were literally at risk of whatever was going to happen. I may be blowing up this situation. But I’m shaken. I’ve been getting emails about public and campus safety, about harrasment and sexual assault. But what happened today was so real. I realize the consequences and actions of being in these situations. 

Idk what to say. Just be safe, be alert. That’s all. 



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