A Rude Awakening

You’re plodding along through college, or your job, or just through the grocery store. Everything is as it should be–or at least seems to be. You are attending your classes, or clocking in on time, or finding frozen spinach in the frozen food aisle. But for some reason, these actions, taken on a daily basis, begin to feel empty somehow. At first, you throw yourself into it more. The emptiness persists, and all at once, you leave the classroom, the office, the grocery store.

Every few months, I get this empty feeling. I feel lethargic, or lazy, or unaccomplished. I always try to blame it on the weather, or a crappy day of classes, but that does not cut it. It is only recently that I have discovered that I am a person on the move, ready for change, inadequate at routine.

Let’s take a look at my Constant College Struggle (yes, that is a thing, and that thing shall be capitalized as the noun of my life). This summer, I changed my major three times, desperately trying to solve the riddle given to me by parents, professors, and advisors: what do you want to do? And honestly, I don’t fully know that answer. I don’t think anyone does. I know that I love solving problems, creating innovative and creative solutions, and helping people. I love writing, and art, and traveling to understand culture and life on a global scale. I don’t want to sit in a classroom.

But I realized something: yes, you will learn an incredible amount of knowledge through classes. However, it is when you use that knowledge outside of the classroom that you really begin to understand it, and when it really matters.

I am eternally grateful for the education I am receiving. I don’t belong on this campus in the sense of the majors offered here, but I do belong on this campus in the sense that it pushes students to take opportunities and risks. I have a free education at a private institution, I work with an incredible social enterprise, and I have amazing friends.

So, sometimes, when the ringing monotony becomes to loud, and the music played on the radio begins to sound the same, you need to step back. Reassess your goals. Make change where change is due. Push yourself to do something greater, something new, with the resources you have. And most of all, have some fun while you’re at it–a little adventure makes for a fun journey.



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