Nyquil High

Last night, amidst my body fighting a cold and being drugged by over-the-counter medicine, I realized that I speak too many languages. #notreally. Being delirious, in the middle of the night, I woke up thinking in Chinese and Spanish, while somehow managing to speak English. This is very routine when Marta gets sick apparently.

The back-to-school ick and sick came and is finally toning down, taking on the same energy on campus curve–where you start out running everywhere, and slowly fall into a routine. This week, while I have been gross and snot-ridden, I have found my routine, and it does involve taking a break every now and then.

Make time for your academics, your body, and most of all, your soul. Life gets really good when you’re entire being is in sync.

Peace out, and enjoy our new color scheme (courtesy our very own Miti).



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