Wait for me to come home

I went home this weekend! Well, not India but close. I am extremely close to my freshman year roommate/best friend and her family. And since this weekend marked the beginning of Big E (a New England carnival of sorts. Basically a place to binge eat fried oreos and funnel cake) I thought why not visit the fam and go for Big E. You know what they say, two birds with one stone.

Anyway, after a really stressful and busy week going home to your best friends is amazing. Home cooked meals, a very comfortable bed and wine. It was brilliant. I was only there for 24 hours but it was enough. In a way, the visit really made me realize where I am at right now. Just talking to them about everything I am doing here and how busy I am made me realize how much I enjoy doing everything that I am committed to here at SLC. Even the history teacher who assigns us 2 novels to read every week!

Everything I have done in the past 4 weeks is my work. I have done it all myself. This sense of accomplishment and pride for myself is such a foreign feeling but I think I can get used to it. I finally feel like I am capable of making any place my home and the feeling is wonderful!

Here is a picture of me (middle), delirious from waking up at 5am, 6 hours of traveling and a whole day of walking around in the sun, and some of my best friends – Raveena (below) and Kayla (right)



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